Our aim is that we should get training to where it is needed.


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The general cost for a full day of training is £130 plus travel for the trainer from home to the venue. However if you feel you cannot afford that don't hesitate to get in touch and we can talk about it. We would much rather come and work with you and you give us what you can realistically afford.


Your church may have a budget for training which could be used to subsidise the cost or you may feel you could charge your team a small fee for the course - some people believe that creates value in the minds of the participants.


Travelling expenses would normally be 31p a mile. If air travel is used, sufficient notice results in cheaper air fares so please book up as early as you can.


So typical costs would be for a course
50 miles from home lasting a day

Course tutor's fee £130.00
Travel £31.00
Total cost £161.00


If you add some cost to cover tea/coffee/biscuits you are roughly talking 16 people paying £10. The fee for half a day or an evening would be £70 plus travel



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