Youth Ministry in the local church — that's what ROOT66 is all about. Many youth and children's workers start their ministry without training because the job just needs to get done.

What we're about...

  • We're passionate about communicating the God of the Bible
  • We desire to see children and young people brought to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • We have a deep concern to see spiritual growth in young lives

How we do it...

  • Courses designed by you to match your local needs
  • Weekends for young people who want to grow in their discipleship
  • Consultancy with local churches

In association with:

Faithful people turn up week by week to do a good job with children but need to know what their ministry is all about and what their role is. Root 66 deals with everyday practical issues with the Bible being the basis for everything we teach. It is a unique course and is designed to meet the current needs of all who work in local church ministry.

Root 66 is run in association with Keswick Ministries and is one facet of their ongoing training ministry delivered all year round to the church in the UK and beyond. We hope that those attending the Keswick Convention each summer, and others, will take up this offer of developing youth and children's ministry in their own local churches.

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