Local Course Programmes

Once you've decided whether you're going for an evening, a day or half a day you need to decide the important issues you want
us to cover.


Click here for ideas on where to start planning your local course...

Don't know where to start? Click here to see a list of topics you could look

Please ask if you want us to cover something that is not on our list of issues - we probably have somebody who can cover most things.


Assume most sessions take around 90 minutes and include input from the speaker and time to share in groups. An evening or a morning is probably 2 sessions - a day conference is generally 4 sessions. We can either cover one issue in depth or a range of issues dictated by your needs. Some real examples may help you make up your mind but it is good to consult with your team members about what they most need to know about.


Here are some examples


A day conference on a Saturday


Session 1 Biblical basis of youth ministry
Session 2 Youth Culture - some issues
Session 3 Discipline - handling young people
Session 4 The place of young people in the church
NB. You could a day or a morning conference on any of the above issues as a single topic.




An evening course on teaching the Bible

Session 1 Preparing the Passage
Session 2 Delivering your talk




A day course on Understanding the Scriptures

Four sessions seeking to understand different types of bible book and how to teach them




A day conference on Saturday

Session 1 & 2 The culture of the young
Session 3 & 4 The place of young people in the local church



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