Suggested Topics

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Here are some topics to choose from



Youth Ministry (General)


What is youth ministry?
The place of youth ministry in the local church
A theology of youth ministry
Values in youth ministry
The legal face of youth ministry (CRB etc..)






Understanding the Bible
Preparing a passage from scratch
Making useful notes to help you deliver your talk
Leading a discipleship group




Youth Culture


The world of the teenager - developmental
Pressures - media, magazines, music etc.
Peer groups
The world of the school
Using the culture to our advantage




The Church


What is the church?
How do children and young people fit into the church?
Relationships with the family
A whole church strategy from 0 to 18




Strategy and planning


Creating a vision for your ministry
Creating structures in the long term - keeping children in The Way
A practical exercise to develop your own strategy




Ministry to young people


Working in small groups
Working one to one
Building up a discipleship programme
Caring for the flock - pastoral care in the youth context
Handling difficult young people
Discipline makes disciples !!!!






What does youth evangelism look like?
Working in schools
Working with the marginalised



Please feel free to ask for something not on our list - if we can deliver it we will try. You may also want to change the titles but we would want to talk with you about what exactly you would like us to deliver.



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